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Various screen sizes across different devices.
About Me

Hello, my name is Eli, and I'm a developer based in Washington with a rich experience of providing professional web designs.

design a creative, professional website with me

My passion for creating and customizing things began when I was a child playing with Legos. I still enjoy seeing my nephew follow the same path and express his creativity.

When you create something for yourself, you give it a personal touch and a special meaning. That’s why I believe a unique website by a professional is essential for your business. It can help you showcase your brand and stand out from the competition.

I have experience in working on different types of projects and I can offer you valuable suggestions and ideas to make your website amazing. I will provide you with various options and work with you to find the best solution.


From understanding your requirements, coding your vision, and handling maintenance; I do everything that falls in between these lines.

this is the work flow you should expect


We choose a template, try different palettes, and select fonts.


Provide functionality to make the experience welcoming and memorable for you and your visitors.


A healthy website requires maintenance to ensure reliability and optimal performance.


Starter templates save time, as a result, reduce costs.

not just color & font, but layouts, elements, & pages are customized

A template is a sample of the final product that you can visualize and customize. It helps you save time and money by providing the basic elements and structure for your website.

You can use the template as a guide to plan the layout, content, and theme of your website. You can also modify it to suit your preferences and needs.

Below, you can browse through different home pages of professional templates or see a live demo with some editing options. I update the template collection regularly to keep up with the latest trends and designs, so check back often.

Windows and Doors

Modern business layout with call to action and inquiry form front and center.

Car Wash

A great template due to its flexibility; it can be adapted to any type of business.

Event Landing Page
Landing page that is simple and informative. Its application is endless.
Minimal Design

Easy to read and navigate. It gives more emphasis on content with this simple, clean layout.

Multipurpose Layout

Great option to showcase your best sellers with your full store on its own page.

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